BabyDan USA develops, produces and sells safety equipment for children in the age group 0-5 years. In addition, BabyDan markets and distributes a large number of textile and furniture products for children in the same age group.

The company is ISO 14001 environmentally certified, a member of Global Safety Cooperation and has won numerous prizes and awards for its products both nationally and internationally.


We create a safe environment where children live and play, with focus on:

Safety - Functionality - Quality - Design

Our Values


We create and increase security and safety for families with children.

We manufacture to the highest safety standards.

We use the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes.

We are inspired by children’s natural curiosity.

Our products must be exciting, practical and safe.

We take our responsibility as producers seriously.

We create solutions you and your child can be 100% comfortable with.

ISO environmental certification.

We continually evaluate materials and production methods.

We set high standards for all suppliers via a binding code of conduct.

Our Story

Since 1947 - Celebrating 70 years!

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